1StopMotors.com and One Stop Motors.com, is close to launching a series of brand new web sites!

1StopMotors.com and One Stop Motors.com, is close to launching a series of brand new web sites!


The latest and greatest of used car – used boat, used motor homes, motorcycles, classic & luxury vehicles from all over the US, heavy equipment, power sports, and trucks/ SUV’s, etc.

The original OneStopMotors.com was suppose to be a user friendly, basic Google friendly site, that could support ALL users, MOSTLY BUYERS!!

ALWAYS striving to want to go above and beyond for each client is not a desire for OSM, but a MUST! As their Goal is to be the NUMBER ONE site in America when it comes to buying used cars, boats, motorhoms, motorcycles, luxury vehicles, classic cars, etc, etc…assist clients through the very best options, from “flash”  / Easy to access/ quick video tips, to a buyers needs being meant in every way when it comes to purchasing a vehicle from one stop motors.com.

In 2008 One Stop Motors.com (the actual web site itself! and the company), took a major nose dive though!

The owner, Robert Wilder (while suspecting something wasn’t right), found out that the “web team” he had hired was not who they claimed to have been. Medialinkers was the name of the company (based out of Pakistan- still around – pics online!!! (Note- if u take anything from this – never do business overseas unless you thoroughly investigate the company, visit it!, sit and discuss biz strategies, etc with them , the owner directly)

CEO, Robert Wilder was under the impression he has an entire web team that carried more than 7 full time employees (40 hrs wk min).

As the main web site, one stop motors.com was developed (2007 and 2008), many (hundreds) of additional “fixes” had to be completed just to get a web pg looking and functioning to where a buyer could interact with the site. (often, the site completely coming down for hours at a time.) Moving forward and making it a better site was NEVER an option as Medialinkers could never seem to get a single task completed. (they were over 50 tasks behind often)

Long story short, in Jan of 2009, CEO Robert Wilder found out the truth about his “professionally web based company” he had been attempting to work with for nearly 2 years…

The owner of the web site – medialinkers.com – R Wilder finds out the owner of medialinkers was pretending to be a different developer / up to 6, 7 people at one time / in a given day!

All and all, when everything was done, medialinkers refused to return the site unless (an undisclosed?) amount of money was to be delivered.

Over the next year (2008), with the help of an insider (former employee) of Onestopmotors – medialinkers HACKED their way into eventually having control over the ENTIRE One Stop Motors web site! – An original “copy of every web pg”! without any authorization or knowledge from CEO Robert Willder.

To say the least, Robert Wilder (one stop motors) was stunned! He had paid tens of thousands to prevent this kind of thing from ever happening!

It is estimated that Robert Wilder paid between $200,000 and $300,000 for his current site(s), http://www.onestopmotors.com, http://www.1stopmotors.com, http://www.onestop-motors.net, http://www.onestopmotors.org, to be developed. Anybody in the biz, whom used these sites, can see that the company that is responsible for the building of the web site(s), likely did more harm than good.

As if things couldn’t get worse, Robert Wilder was forced to spend the next 6 months (2009) dedicated to hiring a team of the top professional web based movers and shakers for the country in order to get his site back

Oh, did I mention that after CEO R Wilder refused to pay the ransom money to medalinkers.com, they turned around and sold the site (one stop motors.com) to the same former employee who helped them to initially steal it, his name is Adam Phillips – Adam Phillips took the logos off of the site, and simply replaced the http://www.OneStopMotors.com logos with the name of his “new” company (sure sell autos). The company lasted close to 9 months and soon went belly up!

Faced with an internet of con men and fraudulent companies, CEO of One Stop Motors.com, Robert Wilder soon connected with 2 US web based companies. But not just any web based company(s), 2 of the countries truly most unique and professionally sound companies, that have been around since the internet first began!

With this new found start, it’s been said One Stop Motors.com is “the next BIG site in the automotive internet world”, “perhaps the next autotrader.com”

These sites are suspected to have a series of the latest and best features offered on the internet today.

From professional Nascar endorsers, to some of the best video selections / and pics of hottest vehicles for sale today!

Rather you’re a classic car enthusiasts, or like to buy luxury automobiles, from camp grounds to campers, http://www.OneStopMotors.com and CEO Robert Wilder are said to be the next “player” in the automotive world!

From seeing the companies’ web sites sabotaged, to having the chance to live to see the much expected results, I can honestly say I predict the company “One Stop Motors” to be the next Autotrader of the world! I predict they eventually take over / outgrow auto trader!

Joshua H.


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